40KW Cummins Diesel Generator

Using Cummins K series engine, the original designed built-in multi-stage vibration damping system can effectively eliminate the vibration of the unit during operation, so that the control system and electrical components are better protected; in extremely harsh environments, it can also provide very reliable of electricity.

Products Details

1. The design, production and testing of generators fully comply with the national standard of GB/T2820-97. 2. Equipped with Cummins generator, advanced technology, reliable performance and long working life of Cummins generator set. 3. The generator excitation system can make the frequency fluctuation recover quickly when the unit is loaded with any moment. 4. The low-power design of the generator makes the waveform distortion under non-linear load extremely small, and has a good starting motor ability. 5. Cummins provides quality assurance for the full range of products. 6. Cummins has built a professional service network all over the country to provide customers with 24-hour after-sales service and spare parts supply.1. Fast product delivery. 2. High reliability and low life cycle cost. 3. High energy efficiency and business flexibility. 4. High-quality electrical performance. 5. Perfect service and fuel supply infrastructure. 6. It can be integrated in the merchants with high exhaust volume and locations. Air or liquid cooled diesel generator sets from 7. 7.5 KVA to 25 hp provide traditional structural robustness, durability and reliability for a wide range of applications, as the prime mover for remote or temporary sites. 8. At 35 KVA to 500 hp, diesel-fueled Cummins generator sets provide backup power or integrated systems that can add measures of performance according to your specific application, generator sets are widely used. 9. In the range of 600 KVA to 2.7 MW, diesel-fueled Cummins generator sets can meet your most demanding need

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